Sunday, 15 April 2012


What is Cyber Language?

The technology of electronic communication has provided a third medium, which occupies the middle ground between spoken and written language, and reflects the fact that the Internet is electronic, global and interactive. In other words, cyber language is written language, but reads as if it is spoken language. The nature of the language does, however, depend on the technology being used and the recipient; email messages, for example, may resemble a traditional letter or written speech.

Examples of Variation on Abbreviations, Emoticons & Smiley

Variation on Abbreviations:

ASAP    As Soon As Posible
BRB       Be Right Back
BTW      By The Way
FYI        For Your Information
AKA     Also Known As
FAQ      Frequently Ask Questions

Emoticons & Smiley :

Atom Bomb    @==
Sad                : (
Kiss               : *
Happy            : )
Yawn            : 0
Mustache      : {

Situation :
A person cannot express their feeling toward other internet user (usually friends, bloggers, chatters & etc) directly through internet. But using abbreviation, emoticons & smileys, they can show their feeling toward other. This will make internet users to express their feeling at that moment to other, although they are staying in different place. 

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  1. cyber language is same with netiquette. So as an internet users, we should apply this good cyber language and netiquette in order to make the flow of online process run smoothly